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Softblc Platform is a software solution that integrates large online casino gaming, live casino and sports betting service providers under a single platform, we offer the possibility of having your own casino with traditional payment systems and cryptocurrencies, with international regulations, all included under a comprehensive solution to offer you an intelligent, secure and transparent platform.

We are innovating this business model, garanting high profitability with minimal investment. Taking advantage of the great benefits of the blockchain network, we offer a utility token which allows Token SBP holders to have the benefit of a Softblc Platform use license and have their own business.

What is Softblc Platform? What is Softblc Platform?

Softblc Platform is a software solution that integrates large online casino gaming, live casino and sports betting service providers under a single, friendly, robust and intelligent platform. We have external services from legally registered companies for the advice and development of the platform.
Just Hold SBP and customize your own online casino.

How does it work? How does it work?

Our solution acts as an integration intermediate between the operator and the casino provider, in addition to the integration of the games. We provide a robust and fully managed online casino platform solution to suit all needs.

The platform combines modern front-end technology with sophisticated back-office capabilities to adapt to all devices.

FRON-END We offer players a dynamic and functional design, which is key to success and profitability. It´s not just about usability, but also about retention, personalization, and promotion of the most profitable content.

BACK-END An advanced and intuitive panel to the operators, with innovative tools, obtain important data, Reports and visibility in real time. Dig deep and reach your desired audience with little effort.

  1. Softblc Platform validates and confirms that the future affiliate partner is the holder of SBP tokens
  2. Once the affiliate partner profile is validated, you are granted permission to customize your online casino by linking to its corresponding domain to suit the affiliate partner with Softblc Platform.
  3. With the Marketing campaign tailored by the affiliate partner, you will thus be able to attract potential customers to sign up and get to know your casino.
  4. The customer registers with the affiliate partner’s casino and plays the games that the affiliate partner has previously chosen. The player will be operating under the Softblc Platform Regularized License in Curaçao.
  5. The affiliate partner has transparent control of all the movements that their clients have made and can withdraw their benefits in Softblc Platform as long as they wish.
  6. Softblc Platform will have a FIAT / Cripto entry ramp, it will also have games linked to FIAT and games made on blockchain with payments and prizes in cryptocurrencies

The biggest problem The biggest problem

The biggest problem in the online casino business is the high costs of being a licensee, development, time and bureaucracy. With Softblc Platform allowing the affiliate partner to customize their own online casino, it will save time, a lot of money, a factor that aggravates the interest of investors.

Crypto Investors
Being a crypto investor, they will benefit you with the holder system, thus being able to cancel your license and be able to have the tokens whenever you want. In this way, your capital will always be protected in your wallet and available when you decide to no longer be an affiliate partner, without penalties or costs for canceling said franchise. The affiliate partner is the custodian of your tokens.
General Payment
Softblc Platform will be registered in Curaçao and will have Licenses to operate and make payments in VISA / Mastercard and other payment methods, that is why all casino users will be able to enter the casinos to play the same without knowing about cryptocurrencies, We will have a FIAT / Crypto Access Ramp that will support this expansion phase of the Softblc Platform. The affiliate partner will be able to withdraw his profits also in cryptocurrencies to allow greater decentralization and anonymity of affiliate partners.
Softblc Community
Softblc Platform is not a supporter in growth alone, for that reason we will be spreading and creating a great community of future affiliate partners where everyone can have their own online casinos. The Softblc Platform team intends to provide an opportunity to all SBP token holders who have their own real and legal business in the digital world.

Softblc Platform proposal Softblc Platform proposal

Softblc Platform aims to bring a high level platform in technical development connecting payment gateways, game providers and SBP token holders to give them permission to personalize their own online casino.

Casino Open

There are more than 100 online casino game providers to offer our customers more than 4000 quality games, with creative and innovative designs.

Bonus Client

Provides Bonus, loyaty and achievement features thorough the platform, players will enjoy lyallty points, game credits, free spins and bonuses.

Spot Bet

Coverage of al sports, reliable real-time betting data, multiple markets, e-sports, and industry-leading accuracy.

Profit Labs

If offers comprehensive management of customer experience, transactions, balance and all reports in real time to build a loyal customer base in your business

Payments and Cryptos

More than 30 payment solutions that include Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Ecopays and payments with cryptocurrencies bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, SBP token

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners is the essential affiliate tool to be able to enjoy the use of the Softblc Platform and enjoy all the modules and services.

Token Sale TOKEN

SBP Softblc Platform is a token ERC-20

For more info about tokens sale price, check our telegram channel

of tokens

Circulating Supply


Q1 2020

*Old BlockCasino Planning *Old BlockCasino Business Model Study

Q2 2020

* Presentation of the business model to online casino game providers * Presentation of the Business model to payment providers

Q3 2020

*Creation of (Old) BlockCasino

Q4 2020

*Rebranding old BlockCasino to SOFTBLC PLATFORM *Creation of affiliated partner community and presentation of Business model

Q1 2021

*Seed Sale *Private Sale *Uniswap Listing

Q2 2021

*Start of Technical and Legal development of Softblc Platform in Curaçao *Marketing system preparation partners

Q3 2021

*Launch Softblc Platform wit Casino & Sportbet Beta 1.0 *Launch Platform Affiliate Partners to customize your own online casino

Q4 2021

*Softblc Platform Alpha Launch *Personalized Marketing System Partners Automated

Powered by a Team TEAM

Softblc Platform Team combines passion for blockchain technology, marketing and build business

The participating team members will return when the project is reactivated. Pay attention

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